August 2017 Net Position Update

Better late than never right? It’s been a crazy semester with uni but I’ve finally gotten around to putting this up, I should have my September update up within the week as well.

I’ll be the first to admit August was a super lazy month for the blog. Despite this, I had a good month for my finances. Obviously it couldn’t be as good as July was, because it was ridiculous, but I managed to make it my second best month.

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How I Save $1000 a Year on Coffee

Like many people, I enjoy a daily coffee. Unfortunately, that daily $4 coffee at adds up to around $1,500 a year and that’s not including days when I have a second. Obviously this entire problem could be resolved if I just stopped drinking coffee, or had it more sparingly. But I like coffee, so instead I figured out a way to greatly reduce the amount I spend on it each year. If you have a more mature palette and require a perfectly crafted coffee than this may not be for you. But, if like me, you enjoy a decent cup, that’s not instant coffee, I think I can help you.

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