These are the things I have found helpful in the first 3 months of my investing journey. I will update this further as I find more useful sources.

DollarWise blog

I think when I first looked to start investing I literally googled ”how to get started in investing” and I stumbled upon this blog. It has a great series of posts about getting started and really spells it out for someone who has no idea (like me).

Dividends Down Under Blog

I found these guys from a comment they had on the DollarWise blog. They post often and have a great list of other Aussie personal finance blogs that helped inspire me to start this site.

If you can: How Millennials can get rich slowly – William J Bernstein

This is the first ”book” I read when I started getting into this. Book is in quotations because it’s 16 pages long. I know it sounds a bit bland but it is quite simple and lists four other books to read to get started. Despite being based around american stocks it is more financial habit advice than stock suggesting. You can read it for free here 

The Millionaire Next Door – William D. Danko

This is the first book on the reading list for ”If you can” and again, isn’t the most appealing title. This books looks at the spending and lifestyle habits of millionaires and should be millionaires from a study taken in the United States. The way it positions the reader to feel about spending is really quite amazing. I got it for kindle for about $12

That it for my resources so far guys, thanks for checking them out. As I said at the top I’ll update this with more along my journey.