Hey guys! This is my current portfolio and net position. I will update this section on a monthly basis as I add stocks and improve my net position.


WAM Research Ltd [ASX:WAX] – 320 Shares 

WAM is an LIC that has shown considerable growth each year since 2010, whilst also boasting a 5.7% fully franked dividend yield. I plan on adding to this stock over time.

Australian Foundation Investment Company [ASX:AFI] – 150 Shares

Another LIC with with a solid fully franked 4.1% dividend yield. Founded in 1928 AFI has a good track record with steady growth. A nice buy and hold I will look to add to over time.

Ramsey Health Care [ASX:RHC] – 11 Shares

Ramsay Health Care is the market leader in private hospital operations in Australia, and operates over 220 hospitals globally. Another nice buy and hold as it has shown considerable steady growth since it’s listing 20 years ago.

Net Position

Most recent update here

My Net position as of current is quite miserable to be honest even for student. Below is a full breakdown of my current Net Position beginning April 2017.

net postion march final

Table 1. March 31 2017 Net Position



Only started making this commitment to savings since Christmas 2016 when my girlfriend’s mum opened an account with a small opening deposit as a gift. It helps because I can’t withdraw from this account. The bulk of this my savings will be aimed at a house deposit in the coming years.


This seems contradictory as at the top of this page I outline the stocks I hold. As of the end of March 2017 I hadn’t bought any shares, my WAM shares were an early April purchase.


This is my secret to staying interested as a student. I will outline what acorns is in full in a later post but in summary it is a micro-investing service which allows people like myself around the $500 paywall that the ASX for first time investors in a business. I accumulate money in acorns until I have enough to purchase a specific companies shares from from the ASX.

Superannuation (Retirement Fund)

Currently have this amount split between two different accounts due a mix up in DOB when changing. One of my <Goals> for this year is to consolidate these accounts and find one that’s best for me.


Self explanatory, calculated this using an online tool. I will depreciate this asset each month using a depreciation calculator I found online.



Many will find this the most jarring number of my net position. How does a 23 year old have almost $30,000 in debt you ask. Since leaving high school I’ve borrowed far too much money for bills, a trip to america and a new car from my mum. The one positive thing about this debt is that it is interest free.


This is the current quoted amount on my HELP-Fee account for my university costs. The hardest part about increasing my net position by the end of 2018 will be that this debt will double as I am halfway through my degree.


Thanks for checking out my Portfolio and Net Position guys. As daunting as the number on the bottom of the figure is I find myself excited for the challenge and happy that I have finally made a commitment to changing that number in a positive way. If nothing else, I hope for some of you it has made you feel much better about your financial position in life.