August 2017 Net Position Update

Better late than never right? It’s been a crazy semester with uni but I’ve finally gotten around to putting this up, I should have my September update up within the week as well.

I’ll be the first to admit August was a super lazy month for the blog. Despite this, I had a good month for my finances. Obviously it couldn’t be as good as July was, because it was ridiculous, but I managed to make it my second best month.

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June 2017 Net Position Update

Hey everyone! Welcome to my net position update for the month of June. I wasn’t able to post or focus on my finances as much this month because of exam study. Despite this, I still managed my best month to date due to some good payments into my super account.

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The Students Guide to Saving – Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of my guide to help you save money. If you didn’t catch Part 1 you can here, but basically I want to help students free up cash to allow them to make investments in their own future. Whilst I aim to help students, many of the tips I discuss in these posts will be applicable to people of all situations. This part will be looking specifically at spending habits and how to steer clear of impulse spending.

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