Welcome to Undergrad Investing, my blog about investing and my personal finance journey as a student.

My name is James, I’m 23 and currently in my 3rd year of  a Business/IT degree in Brisbane, Australia. I still live in my family home with my mum and my girlfriend of almost 4 years and our dog Bino. Here he is for reference.


After years of impulse buying and living paycheck to paycheck I’ve recently decided to get on  top of my finances and begin investing. When beginning this journey I found that there was limited information on investing aimed at students and the younger population. My aim for this blog is to try and make investing and controlling personal finance slightly more accessible for students like myself.

I’m not claiming I’m a professional in this, in fact I’m probably the opposite. So this blog will follow my journey from broke student to (hopefully) wealthy adult. I’ve begun investing in the stock market and hope to eventually own investment properties.

Hopefully this blog can serve a reference for young investors on the do’s and don’ts of how to get started.

I’ve only been on this journey since January 2017 and find myself trying to strike up conversations about stocks with just about anyone I can. If you want to follow my journey or give me any tips you think I need, feel free to follow this blog or my Facebook or Twitter to receive updates.

Thanks for reading,