August 2017 Net Position Update

Better late than never right? It’s been a crazy semester with uni but I’ve finally gotten around to putting this up, I should have my September update up within the week as well.

I’ll be the first to admit August was a super lazy month for the blog. Despite this, I had a good month for my finances. Obviously it couldn’t be as good as July was, because it was ridiculous, but I managed to make it my second best month.

Here’s the makeup of my current net position.

august net position

Here’s my current progress towards the goals I have set for 2017. If you haven’t already, you can see what they are here.

august goals

Also, here is the progress I made towards the new medium term goals I set here.

august 2018 goals.PNG



Allowed myself another solid month in savings due in large part to the focus on savings for a house deposit I wrote about here. At $609 saved I more than tripled what I need to save each month! This also put me at a quarter to what I’m aiming for to save for my house deposit.


No purchases of individuals shares this month just some solid contributions into my acorns account. I also received my first official dividends this month from AFI. I received $21 which equated to 3 shares via DRP. Again, nothing special here just a really solid month. Just like my savings I’m now a quarter of the way to having a $10,000 portfolio by the end of next year.

Superannuation (Retirement Fund)

Another similar month for my super made up of my own contributions and that of employers. Still waiting for my two accounts to consolidate.


Depreciation expense which will occur each month.




Paid off $600 personal debt in August and am now tracking ahead of where I need to be in order to achieve both my debt related goals for this year and next year. There’s a part of me that wants to start paying off my student debt now but as that debt is not mandatory to pay until I earn over a certain amount I’m happy to leave it be.


No change this month.

Other Goals

Savings percentage

This month I totalled $1,164.5 saved or invested for a savings percentage of just a tad under 40%. Really happy with this number as my goal is 15%, which in hindsight seems way too low. If I can keep stringing good savings percentage months together like this, I should smash the goals I set for next year.

Net Position

As I said early August was my second-best month to date, saving $1873 for an increase of 9.86%. I couldn’t be happier with how well I’ve been going and I’m glad that even with uni starting up again I could manage such a solid month.

Since the start of April, I have no increased my net position by 35.5%. It’s 5 months the whole process has become a habit for me, and while this has made things slightly less exciting, I’m happy about what these changes mean for my future. The big focus for September is going to be consistent posting again, even if they are small. When I feel like I have run out of things to write I will have to look to reflect more on processes I take for granted that others may not.

Thanks again for reading and let me know how your August went in the comments or on my twitter or facebook.

Check out last months’ update here





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