How I Save $1000 a Year on Coffee

Like many people, I enjoy a daily coffee. Unfortunately, that daily $4 coffee at adds up to around $1,500 a year and that’s not including days when I have a second. Obviously this entire problem could be resolved if I just stopped drinking coffee, or had it more sparingly. But I like coffee, so instead I figured out a way to greatly reduce the amount I spend on it each year. If you have a more mature palette and require a perfectly crafted coffee than this may not be for you. But, if like me, you enjoy a decent cup, that’s not instant coffee, I think I can help you.

Here’s my setup (with bino for scale)

bino coffee cropped.png

3 main things are part of this setup:

Sunbeam EMO420 Coffee Grinder – $50

If it wasn’t obvious, this grinds up the beans before putting them through the Aeropress. It’s a middle of the line grinder, there’s probably better ones you can get and if you are looking to save even more I think you can hand grind your beans which is cheaper.

Aeropress – $35

The Aeropress is the weird looking cylinder in the middle. You just put a filter in the bottom, ground beans and hot water and then push down. Kind of like a french press but air tight.

Breville BMF600 Milk Frother – $150

For me, this is that part that really makes these coffee’s drinkable. Before we had this I would heat milk in the microwave, but it was so bad I would still buy coffee’s most of the time. Since we got the frother I only buy coffee’s if we go out for breakfast, and it’s a nice treat. 2 things about the frother; if you drink black coffee you obviously have no need, and it makes great hot chocolates!


For me, one $4 coffee a day is $1,460 a year. For these three items (assuming you have a kettle and mugs) It costs $235. Also, add the beans – for me it’s about $50 for a 1kg bag which lasts around 3 months, and add milk – roughly 3L a week personally.  Note: you can by the beans from your usual coffee shop so your coffees taste the same. Now we are up to  $691 – Appliances ($235) + beans (4 x $50) + milk (53 x $3).  In 1 year you will save $769, which is $1000 like the title says I know. Year 2 however, since you already own the appliances, will only cost you $356 for the year, saving you $1,104 annually. Over the course of your life that saving could give you a nice holiday each year, of have you retiring a year or two earlier.

If you liked this savings tip check out Part 1 and Part 2 of my Students Guide to savings and follow my blog, twitter and facebook to keep up with more posts like this. Thanks for reading!

Full disclosure I have not been paid to advertise or promote any of the products in this post. Everything stated is personal opinion based on use and experience with the products.


6 thoughts on “How I Save $1000 a Year on Coffee”

  1. Here in Sydney, coffee is ridiculously expensive. And the cup sizes are tiny compared to those in the States! Personally I don’t drink coffee, and I don’t see why people don’t just brew at home. It’s so much cheaper .

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  2. Could Bino be any cuter!? Fantastic photo to show how little space your coffee set-up takes up. We aren’t coffee drinkers at all but it is a great way to save money and probably a reasonable amount of time too – travelling to and from the coffee shop, waiting in line.

    DIY lunch from home is also a massive money saver that we do in our household. Look forward to reading your many other ways to save some cash 🙂

    Mrs DDU


  3. This post certainly yields a great insight into savings opportunities. I’ve succeeded in developing a small budget that I’m following every month. All I needed to do is to compare my monthly expenses and strike off items that I can actually do without.

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